Cable Parameter:

Conductor: 99.9999% OCC Copper Silver Plated(Positive)

Wire diameter: 2.25Sq (Multi-Core Conductor)

Structure: 2P cabtire

Insulator(inner): PTFE(Teflon)

Outer Sheath: Polyurethane


3-layer Shield:

1st:100% Coverage Copper Braid

2st:Copper Foil


O.D. :8.5mm(App)


Connector Plug Parameter: 


Conductor:99.998% Red Pure Copper

Isolation:PBT(30% GF)



Specified for cable diameters up to 8.5mm(Hole Size:8.8mm)

Total length:58.5mm

Color: Red + Black

4 Layer Plated Process :

1. Oxygen Free Copper Plated

2. Silver Plated

3. Palladium Plated

4. Rhodium Plated

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