Conductor: 99.998%( PSC )OFC Copper
Wire diameter: 3.0Sq (9core x(2X0.2)mm)
Structure: 4P cabtire
Insulatorinner: Teflon+Polyethylene+Polyvinyl chloride
Outer Sheath: Polyiny| Chloride
2Layer Shield:

1nd100% Coverage Copper Foil240CoreX0.15mm Copper 

2nd100% Coverage Copper Braid
O.D. :16.0mm±0.3mm
Rated V/A: 600V / 30A


P905 uses PSC Copper (Perfect Surface Copper) and its surface is laser mirror polished to give it a smooth mirror-like surface, which can effectively and quickly transmit current. In order to increase the mechanical properties of PSC Copper and reduce the internal stress of stranding, P905 undergoes three long-term oxygen-free annealing treatments.

The P905 is equipped with an extremely robust 0.1 mm thick copper foil shield.

Thanks to this gapless winding and 100% shielding copper foil, "P905" is 30dB more resistant to noise than ordinary unshielded parallel lines.

In addition, the internal intervention is filled with PE solid core columns to reduce the gap between the conductor and the copper foil shielding layer, improving the electrical characteristics and strength of the conductor.

The P905 is designed to be used in a variety of environments, such as the home, broadcast station or professional studio. Thanks to the copper foil shielding, it provides clean power without being affected by noise. Copper foil shielding provides 30dB more noise protection than wall wiring standards. Additionally, for easy connection to the terminals, 240 strands x 0.15mm shielded wire are built into the P905.

Halogen-free Polyiny|Chloride cable jacket with excellent toughness and vibration damping properties

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